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Musical theatre is daunting.  Maybe the final straw was that article that yet again gave you conflicting advice on “what casting directors are really looking for in an audition room.” Maybe you wanted to throw in the towel after your fifth group coaching session in which the only advice you received was a vague, “Just act the song more.” Maybe even now, you’re sitting on the floor of your bedroom surrounded by towers of sheet music, desperately searching for the one piece that fully represents you. Navigating the intricacies of finding music, connecting with material, and crafting a cohesive performance on your own can feel impossible. 

In the Ghostlight Workshop, you will work with Selda and Derek over three weeks in an intimate environment where you will receive personalized coaching and critique from them and an invited industry guest speaker. These weekly classes culminate in a performance at the legendary cabaret venue, The Duplex, from which you will receive professional video footage of the event. If you’re ready to grow as a performer in an exciting, fast-paced program, then reserve your spot today!

COST: Selda and Derek’s Ghostlight Workshop costs $225 per student, with a maximum of ten students per session.

For questions and to reserve your spot, email